An expanded open source modelling tool for assessing how different network and retail tariffs, and distributed energy options, impact on small energy consumers

Financial Year: 2017/18

The proposed project would deliver on these three major extended capabilities as well as ongoing tool development in response to changing approaches to network tariff design.

Grant Details Grant Content
Grant Reference Number: 944
Applicant: University of NSW
Grant Amount: $80,600
Approval Status: Yes
Financial Year: 2017/18
Grant Type: Research
Energy Type: Electricity
Jurisdiction: National
Consumer Class: Small Business,Residential


AP 944 - Tariff Tool Workshop slides Dec 2018
AP 944 - Sub on SAPN tariff structure statement
AP 944 - Workshop slides res tariffs - Nov 2019
AP 944 - Workshop slides SME tariffs - Nov 2019
AP 944 - Tariff Tool Workshop pres - Dec 2019
AP 944 - Tariff Tool Paper to IEEE
AP 944 - Final Report updated tariff tool

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