Tariff Assessment Tool

Financial Year: 2015/16

To develop a tariff testing tool to enable consumer advocates and researchers to investigate how different tariff structures impact on the bills of different types of residential customers, while also estimating alignment with network costs

Grant Details Grant Content
Grant Reference Number: 814
Applicant: University of NSW, School of PV and Renewable Energy Engineering
Grant Amount: $54,200
Approval Status: Yes
Financial Year: 2015/16
Grant Type: Electricity Advocacy
Energy Type: Electricity
Jurisdiction: National
Consumer Class: Low Income,Residential


Tariff Design and Assessment Tool - User Guide
Download the tool here
'Designing more cost reflective electricity network tariffs with demand charges', Energy Policy, 109, p642-649.
’Electricity network revenue under different Australian residential tariff designs and customer interventions’, IEEE PESGN, July 2016
'An Assessment of the Cost-Reflectivity of Proposed Network Tariffs in Australia’, Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference 2015, Brisbane, Australia
Dynamic Model Approach to Assess Feed-in Tariffs for Residential PV systems
Workshop on Distribution Network Tariff Assessment and Design (Melbourne)
Slides - Temporal and spatial variability of distributed PV impacts on Australian distribution network load profiles
Workshop on Distribution Network Tariff Assessment and Design
Workshop: Network Tariff Analysis Tool
Workshop: Cost-Reflective Pricing – some different perspectives
(Re)designing cost-reflective tariffs

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