NEM Organisational Capacity and Advocacy 2011-2012

Financial Year: 2011/12

To support TEC's capacity and advocacy skills in promoting the long term interests of consumers in environmental sustainability and efficiency in the NEM.

Grant Details Grant Content
Grant Reference Number: 473
Applicant: Total Environment Centre
Grant Amount: $150,000
Approval Status: Yes
Financial Year: 2011/12
Grant Type: Joint Advocacy
Energy Type: Joint Energy
Jurisdiction: National,NSW
Consumer Class: Residential


The NEM Report Card, How well does the NEM serve Australia?
Submission to AEMC, Inclusion of Embedded Generation Research into the DMIS
Submission to AEMC, Review of Demand-side Participation in the NEM, Stage III ‘Power of Choice’ Market Review
Submission to AEMC, Efficiency Benefit Sharing Scheme and Demand Management Expenditure by Transmission Businesses
Submission to AEMC, Distribution Network Planning and Expansion Framework
Submission to AEMC, Connecting Embedded Generators
Submission to COAG, Taskforce Regulatory and Competition Reform
Submission to NABERS, Review of NABERS Ruling Proportioning of Energy used by Cogeneration or Trigeneration Systems
Submission to ARENA, Draft General Funding Strategy
Submission to the AEMC, Submission Small Generation Aggregator Framework Consultation
Submission to the AER, Preliminary Framework and Approach Paper
Submission to the Senate, Select Committee on Electricity Prices

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