MEU global funding 2010/11

Financial Year: 2010/11

The project is to provide global funding to MEU for year 2010/11. The MEU will use the global funding for advocacy projects that it considers are its highest priority issues for electricity consumers in the NEM and gas consumers Australia wide.

Grant Details Grant Content
Grant Reference Number: 431
Applicant: Major Energy Users Inc
Grant Amount: $206,000
Approval Status: Yes
Financial Year: 2010/11
Grant Type: Joint Advocacy
Energy Type: Joint Energy
Jurisdiction: National
Consumer Class: Large Business,Rural


Submission to AER on Victorian distrib price review draft decision
Progress Report gaining support on generator market power
Progress report Generator Market Power Rule change
Submission on AEMO Background Paper Value of Customer Reliability
Submission on AEMO Issues Paper Value of Customer Reliability
Submission on IR charging draft rule determination
Submission to Reliability Panel on RERTIP
Submission re Darwin Amadeus ADGP
Submission to AER draft decision on ADGP

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