Continued representation and advocacy for small-scale renewable energy in the NEM

Financial Year: 2006/07

The applicant seeks funding for the position of Energy Policy Manager within its organisation. The applicant proposes to advocate on the issue of the impact of the NEM on small distributed generation systems.

Grant Details Grant Content
Grant Reference Number: 223
Applicant: Alternative Technology Association
Grant Amount: $22,464
Approval Status: Yes
Financial Year: 2006/07
Grant Type: Electricity Advocacy
Energy Type: Electricity
Jurisdiction: National
Consumer Class: Small Business,Residential,Rural


Submission on Effectiveness of competition
Submission on Network incentives fordsr
Submission on Non fossil energy
Progress report 2
Submission on VEET scheme
Progress report 1
Submission on Distribution paper 2
Submission on small scale licensing
Submission on EmissionsTrading
Submission on financing
AP 223 ATA Submission on off peak heating 2
Submission on Off peak heating
Submission on SA Feed in

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