Fund a TEC NEM advocate for 12 months

Financial Year: 2004/05

Funding for a fulltime NEM advocate to undertake a specific range of projects over a 12 month period. The advocate would focus on improving the balance between demand and supply through greater utilisation of DM in the National Electricity Market (NEM). The improved utilisation of DM would bring about greater efficiency and reduced electricity prices for end users while minimising greenhouse emissions.

Grant Details Grant Content
Grant Reference Number: 123
Applicant: Total Environment Centre
Grant Amount: $54,000
Approval Status: Yes
Financial Year: 2004/05
Grant Type: Electricity Advocacy
Energy Type: Electricity
Jurisdiction: National
Consumer Class: Small Business,Large Business,Rural


Submission on Review of the Electricity Transmission Revenue and Pricing Rules: Revenue Requirements Issues Paper
Submission on Proposed Framework Schedule for Transfer of Distribution and Retail Functions
Submission on Review of Decision­ Making in the Gas and Electricity Regulatory Frameworks Discussion Paper 
Submission on Review of the Electricity Transmission Revenue and Pricing Rules: Transmission Pricing 
Submission to Review of the Electricity Transmission Revenue and Pricing Rules: Pricing
Submission re Expert Panel Review
Progress Report 1
Progress Report 2
Submission to AEMC Reliability Panel on Comprehensive Reliability Review: Issues Paper
Submission on the Draft Code of Practice for Embedded Generation
Submission on Energy Access Pricing
Submission on Trans revenue reg
Submission on Interval meters
Submission on Rule change

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