Healthy Homes for people who rent

Financial Year: 2018/19

This project will address the issue of the high cost of energy on rental properties by advocating for a policy response to bring up the energy efficiency of rental households.

Grant Details Grant Content
Grant Reference Number: 1023
Applicant: Better Renting
Grant Amount: $19,584
Approval Status: Yes
Financial Year: 2018/19
Grant Type: Joint Advocacy
Energy Type: Joint Energy
Jurisdiction: ACT
Consumer Class: Low Income,Residential


Better Renting - Pushing the Envelope - Report March 2020
Better Renting - Analysis of Energy Efficiency in the ACT July 2019
Better Renting - Sub to Trajectory for Low Energy Homes Aug 2019
Better Renting - Sub to SA Housing Strategy Aug 2019
Better Renting - Sub to Queensland Renting Laws Dec 2019
Better Renting - Sub to Vic Rental Regulation Dec 2020
Better Renting - ABC News - Media Article
Better Renting - The Canberra Times - Media Article

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