Consumer Scrutiny of SA Power Networks 2020-25 Revenue Determination

Financial Year: 2018/19

The continuous development of relationships between SAPN and South Australian consumer organisations

Grant Details Grant Content
Grant Reference Number: 1019
Applicant: SA Financial Counsellors Association
Grant Amount: $120,562
Approval Status: Yes
Financial Year: 2018/19
Grant Type: Joint Advocacy
Energy Type: Joint Energy
Jurisdiction: National,SA
Consumer Class: Small Business,Residential


AP 1019 - Pres to SAPN Regulatory forum April 2019
AP 1019 - sub to AER Issues Paper SAPN 2020-25
AP 1019 - Sub to AER Customer Service Incentive
AP 1019 - Sub to AER on connection and prices
AP 1019 - Advocates to AER - Revised SAPN Proposal Jan 2020
AP 1019 - Sub re SAPN Bushfire Expenditure 06Mar2020

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